‘Rishte Hai Anek’ But“Friendship is The Best One”

Hi all Nimish Singh Parihar is this side and let me share some important things about a single world “Friendship”.
We have number of relations in our life like –Mama-mami, Chacha-Chachi,Bhai-Bahan,Mummy-Papa,Seniors-Juniors and so many but we have one relation which is ‘Sabka Bap.
It is Friendship or “Dosti”.
Why??????? Because,,,
  1. Respect is not a part of this relation:- Aksar hum apne dost ko ‘aa bey kutte,chal bey kutte,tu to hai hi chutiya,kamina kahkar bulate hai . It’s very common but you can not use in other relations .
To your loved one you have to call like “Tum aaoge kya Sona, Janu,,,Aap mujase pyar karte ho”, and same you will use in your family also for Mom-Dad, Uncle-Aunty etc…
2. Long distance does not matter :- Most of the time couple will break up with each other just because of long distance .
But in friendship it does not matter. For them it is part of life and they can go there at any time and will have meet to their friends.
3.Wherever you are ,with whom ,who cares just meet to your friend:-
If you are at home, with your life partner you can go and meet to your friend and can stay with him for a long time but for couples they have to tell lie to their parents and all.
4.Money :- Most important factor is money because if you have this paper then you be in any relation but if you do not have then also you can be in one relation it is none other than it is “Friendship
Your partner can leave if you do not have money and your parents can force you to earn money but friend can help if you do not have single penny in your pocket.
Note:- Make sure that you will return money of your friend ,otherwise he ( Vinit Khatkar ) will tell about this more than 100 times…..Hahahaha.
5. Never say you do not have time :don’t use this word otherwise he will reach at your location and will catch you if you are free and if you are free then definitely you will be in trouble (Pakka pitoge).
Thanks for reading this and make sure that you are leagle with your friend because they will never want to loose you as you are part of their life.
BBye ….🙂
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