Half Boyfriend Second Part

If you want to read first part of “Half Boyfriend”,, then click on link https://nimishi.wordpress.com/2015/08/10/half-boyfriend/


Hello everyone,, I think you all are fine??

Well,,, I m nimish parihar,, back with the second half of “Half Boyfriend” I think you waited for a long time,, Ok Ok sorry for that it will never happen again

OK…. Nw you are getting bored?? Hmm it’s obvious,, well I am starting story, next day I met to Vikul we took coffee then I asked about the remaining story of his life…..

But,, remember one thing,, it’s surprisingly sad story.. It’s full of tears and sorrow,, But contains some inspirational things also..

Ya,, Vikul said Riya proposed him and he answered in Yes.We were happy We enjoyed our relationship,, but the major problem was, I always said to Riya that I don’t have enough time Due to office work,, that’s by I never met her every month..
But she always wanted that I will be there when she needs me.
But always I broke up promises. Firstly I said ya,, dear I will be there, but never reached,, so once Riya realized that now it’s time to give up..


Then we fixed a meeting,, then Riya said to me that now,, I don’t want to stretch our relationship, it’s time to stop,, you don’t have time for me..

Then I said – “No dear this is nt like that,,I have time for you but, there is lots of work on my head that’s by,, always I broke up your promises….I m fresher so I have too much work. . .

But She shouted,, and said,, – “Do your work I am not a part of your life from today and also said that I can’t marry you because my parents will not allow our relationship…Yes I know that everyone knows about us My mom, Sister, brother, Masi as well.. But my Dad won’t allow just because of your father’s nature. And one more thing  you are not doing well,, your salary is not enough,, if we will be together..

That time I was surprised,, but I thought that she is angry that’s by she is using such kind of words,, I contacted her after couple of weeks,, but answer from her side was same…


That time I was tensed,, I left everything,, I didn’t enjoy my birthday,, I left my job,, I left my friends…

But after couple of months I realized that,,,, ya it was my fault,, then I started work in another MNC company.. I thought I will work hardly and will earn money for her,, but I was wrong…

So after couple of months I called her,,, she was busy.. I thought she will call back whenever she will be free but once again I was wrong… Daily I called her but I got no response… Finally she called me and asked who is this??? I was surprised but I introduced to myself. .. She said I am busy so I can’t talk with you. . Nd disconnected the phone.. Again I called her but she was busy…. After one hour she called me and said that she is in a relationship with someone else so please don’t call me…. When we were in relationship that time he was friend but now he is my boyfriend… And I left you just because of that he is enough mature and love me lot more then you.. And his salary is also fine. . And I m going to marry with him.. I informed to my parents also…. . I said please forgive me and come back in my life.. . I was crying but she said I can’t Vikul because I m in love with him… . I was crying cintinuesly but she said that you are crying but I m laughing It seems that you are Bloody looser. .. I was thinking that you are my pain killer… I replied ys I m but now I have pain only. …. She said that I met him two times we went for trip also it seems that he is most intelligent and smart as compared to you.. . I said OK that’s enough dear. . I won’t be part of your life..

After two weeks I realized that I can’t live without her.. So I thought that I will turn my feelings as friends so I tried to contact but she disconnected my calls… Always she was busy. .. Nw my love turned to anger… I called to his boyfriend and informed the same that we were in relationship so please leave her alone because I can’t live without her. . But he scolded me then and abused .. That time I was out of control  I called to Riya also and abused she was surprised and said that never I listened such kind of words from your side… I said I know but your boyfriend abused me… This is not good if I am accepting your relationship then you do not have to put me in side. ..that day they decided that they will never talk with each other. . That time I was happy because I was thinking just because of them I was in trouble now they are not with each other.. Cute si smile was on my face.. But after 2 month I met to baby child She was in “Eye care ” orphan center. . I was thinking to adopt her but owner of orphan center refused nd said that you are single only we can give child to couples only as per government rules.. Daily I met her. . Nd one day arranged food for everyone that day they all called me “Dad”.. OMG. .. That day I was crying continuesly because I was too happy. .. I had decided that daily I will Arrange food for them. . And finally I was successful daily I was arranging food for them. . .. One day I called to Riya and informed that she can continue her relationship with his boyfriend… She said okay… . I m not saying that I am not in love with her but if she will be unhappy.. It means I m selfish I m thinking about me only.. . They started their relationship… . I was happy and I was working for children’s food..
OMG…. Once again Vikul said that he has to go for the meeting and he left for the day once again this story is incomplete but it was extremely awesome. . . Next story you can read in “Half Boyfriend – 3″…Wait it will come soon. . . . Bbye. . Nimish Singh Parihar. . ;);););)



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