“Seven Steps-Old tradition of Hindu Religion”


My name is “Nimish Singh Parihar” and today i am back with an extraordinary story of two love birds. It seems title is “Seven Steps”.

Yes, you are right because ,,,you all are my awesome readers who were waiting for the new Story and finally I came back it’s your love and my passion that every-time I am writing a heart touching story.

This story is from “Bangalore” which is very famous city of India

Main Characters of this story are-

1.Prashant-From Jalandhar,went to bangalore after completion graduation from Delhi.

2.Ruchi-Software engineer in Pune

3.Akshay-Son of Prashant and Ruchi.

4.Rakhi-Colleague of Prashant.

Let me start story now …

Prashant is the main character of this story he was basically from Jalandhar and after schooling he went to the Delhi for the Graduation.He was good student at the time of schooling and he was good too in College .he got an Honour degree of his graduation and never attended any interview in the college because he wanted to be a successful businessman.

And he moved to the Bangalore ,,with the help of his friends he started his own business there.

Everything was fine In his life. He did hard work and now he was rich..

After 3 years he realized that he is becoming old and that time his parents also informed that this is good time to get married.

He was tensed because.. Life was going to become change But he was brave and rich Also.How he has to handle all these stuffs he knew better than others.

A Girl Ruchi was software engineer in Pune. Prashant’s parents told him that have a quick meeting and decide ,, “If you both are comfortable with each other ”

Prashant went to Pune ,,They met with each other. Ruchi was beautiful and her nature was also nice .Prashant decided ,,he will marriage with her and she was also happy with the dicision of Prashant. They informed to their parents and they were happy.

Everyday they were having deep conversation on phone After 3 months they realized that they are in love with each other .They decided they will do engagement so ,,informed to their parents.

Engagement was in hometown of Prashant (Jalandhar)

“What was the cute evening it was Two love birds were going to engage”

Finally engagement was done…

Ruchi transferred her job to Bangalore And after couple of months they decided they will marry with each other.. Now very famous thing in Hindu religions is -“Seven Steps

At this time they decided they will never cheat to each other And will spend their whole life happily.

They went to Singapore for honeymoon,, enjoyed lot there. Ruchi left her job And decided that she will take care of his husband only ,,Because there was no issue with money So Prashant also was agreed They visited so many places-



New Zealand



After this awesome time parents said that they want to see the face of junior prashant Or Angel of Ruchi.

Now ,,,life was going to change ,,,After 4 years of marriage Ruchi was mother of a cute boy.

They decided that they will call him Akshay .

Akshay was naughty from childhood. He was a toy for both.

Now they had stopped their trips In weekends,, prashant was enjoying his life with his family .

And he was feeling too tired because there was too much work on his head now.Prashant recruits a girl as a PA in his office ,She was pretty as compared to ruchi and her name was Rakhi.

Rakhi also was good by nature Prashant never informed that he is married In office prashant and rakhi was too closed,,, Suddenly this caring nature turned to love Now Akshay was 8 years old .

And ruchi was not feeling well Some issue was there with her health, But prashant was busy with rakhi And he was in love with her also now.

He had started screaming on ruchi And after 1 year something happened Which was unexpected He came to home and holded hand of Ruchi And said that he wants divorce from Ruchi.

She was not looking tensed while she was smiling enough suddenly .She said him -at least tell me the reason Why you want to leave me .Prashant told her- he is in love with Rakhi She is in his office .

Ruchi said nothing that day and slept On bad Prashant was surprised.Whole night continuously he was looking the face of Ruchi. But he was happy also he went office and came back to home in the evening .

Ruchi said that she is agree for everything but she needs some promises

She wanted to live her life for a month only ,,as they were living before born of the Akshay.And she started crying.

Prashant said yes because it was for 30 days only .And she also said that he will not tell anything to his son Akshay. He said okay ……..

First day...

He woke up early And kissed on her forehead And prepared tea for her .He lifted up in his arms also same as they were used to in the past ..

Second day also….

He did same and he took some nice flowers for her also..

Third day ….

Akshay was surprised and he was happy that still his parents are in love with each other. Due to smile on the face of his son Prashant felt ashamed…

Suddenly he realized that Ruchi was becoming old ,,,her face was looking so dull,,, she was loosing her wait also.

As he was enjoying his life with the Rakhi . So ,never noticed Ruchi .Now He was also enjoying all these stuffs what he was doing since 29 days.

Last day he realized that She is the only who came in his life And spent his 10 years without any cost. She enjoyed his company everytime. He was thinking that how bad he is.

In morning he woke up early And he met to Rakhi And said that he is already married and he loves to her wife more than his life and he is happy that Ruchi is the part of his life.He came back to home and took sweets and flowers also…

But when he reached home,,, he found Ruchi was dead and there was one letter on table. She was suffering from Cancer Since 6 months..

She wrote in the later that –

“Sorry,, Prashant I bothered you lot but I wanted this for 30 days only because I wanted to see my Son happy.

Now according to him we were happy with the each other we were a nice couple..

Prashant started crying…and he was feeling too bad….

sorry if you all started crying also…..I just wanted to show that these-“Seven Steps” are very important so remember always….and be happy…bye..

i will come back with the fresh story…:)

Nimish Singh Parihar


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