A cute girl taught me something which was unexpected 


  •  I  am not sleeping in night… It means I am in love….. Hahaha… Why are you kidding… Actually there is something in my heart which is always pinching and asking that what are you doing man….??? and why are you doing..??and problem is this,,,I m still confuse.. Is it too late? ? .. Or Am I so fast???? . Still have to grow or have to see back which I had missed?? …. No perhaps I was confused…that Is why only was asking these kind of stupid questions from myself everyday.. 

And my weakness is my heart it is just like a kid.. If you will offer lollipop.. It will except… Never will refuse… But it’s my strength as well… It makes me realize if you are in touch with someone not Gf/Bf….. any kind of relations they will teach you how you are good and what you have to improve…. There was one baby child she made me realize that I have to quite drink and smoking.. Because one day I went to meet her.. I was drunk and felt so bad because she refused my hug….. That day I left smoking and drinking as well…. 

  • So moto of this story is.. Don’t refuse any relation let them refuse you.. Because they will teach you what was wrong?? Nd what you have to improve?? 

So always you have to see everything in a positive manners…

  • There are various kinds of love… You have to find yours… But these relations should make you a good person not a attitude वाला stupid person 



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