“Seven Steps-Old tradition of Hindu Religion”

I have read this story somewhere in Hindi (like what was moto of this story).

So i added characters and then made a story based on that.

Kindly have a look and dame sure you will love it..Nimish

NSP GoStranger


My name is “Nimish Singh Parihar”and today i am back with an extraordinary story of two love birds. It seems title is “Seven Steps”. Right you are right because ,,,you all are my awesome readers who were waiting for the new Story and finally I came back it’s your love and my passion that every-time I am writing a heart touching story.

This story is from “Bangalore” which is very famous city of India

Main Characters of this story are-

1.Prashant-From Jalandhar,went to bangalore after completion graduation from Delhi.

2.Ruchi-Software engineer in Pune

3.Akshay-Son of Prashant and Ruchi.

4.Rakhi-Colleagueof Prashant.

Let me start story now …

Prashant is the main character of this story he was basically from Jalandhar and after schooling he went to the Delhi for the Graduation.He was good student at the time of schooling and he was good too in College also…

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