Public Post

Now a days deep conversation has lost.

 Love is still alive, but we are not showing in front of our loved one. Mandatory is publicly we have to post on social media , then comments and likes will come on that particular post after that we will decide .

Yes this man or woman is perfect for us because this post or pic got so many likes and comments as well.Reaction is –  Waooooo, ,  it means we made for each other. 

If we are going somewhere,, we will post and will inform to this universe that we  are going with someone special and I am Feeling alive, Feeling loved, Feeling excited etc etc.. 

Then you can see after one or two years couple is not with each other. 

Why they left??? They know, we don’t know. But don’t worry we will have knowledge also about this soon. 

Because now again post will come and post will contain  full feeling (Feeling alone, Feeling emotional, Feeling missing) if both are replying on that particular post then we can know what was the reason behind that ?? 

If they will not reply. Post size and matter will be different and feeling is also differ from last one 
( Feeling positive, Feeling strong) 

Now couples will realize that family is important and love is nothing, they will start to hate each other and post again will be differ – She was stupid or he was stupid, So I left him/her. 
This was the journey of couples from love post to family loving post. I hope you liked it. 

Note:- If we have some problems , meet them and sort out, don’t make banners like life was good before but now it is hell. It will give you more pain not relief

Nimish Singh Parihar 


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