Undercover Agent 

One undercover agent,, we all are having. 

We all are chief of this agent, 

what is the next target,  

where needs to concentrate more!!  

and what needs to ignore, , only we can manage.

It will die but never will show in front of the opponent that,, what it is thinking and where is the destination of this agent..
 If it is carrying something inside and you are enough smart,,then you can understand by gesture and posture,, but what exactly it is thinking you can’t

Someone special will come in  life,, with the help of sweet conversation this someone special will be able to know more and more thing. But it was unaware that it has been cheated nicely. 

 My agent was enough trained but my opponent chief was smart more than me, my agent was cheated, he lost hope, he is without feeling now, he has died.  

 I was the chief, I was managing each and every stuff like – “it’s anger it’s love, it’s happiness”

This undercover Agent was my “Heart” 

Cheated by other chief (People)  who was nice from tone but their agent (Hearts) was full of criminal mind.. 

Nimish Singh Parihar 


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