“Baby I Love You” 

Before that my blog’s name was – nimishi (Do dilo ki ek dhadkan)

NSP GoStranger

Hello everyone,,
Nimish Singh Parihar is back with an awesome story… It seems title is “#Baby_I_Love_You”…. Hahaha.. Yes it is…
This is just because of my Baby, my stunning Girlfriend ..” Aditi” … She is pretty as she thinks only…. Hello!!! my sweet,, lovely,, innocent friends I don’t think she is pretty… She was just like “जंगली बिल्ली”

She was my sweetheart one year before but now she is no more….. Hahaha…. she is alive but as my Girlfriend she is no more..

She left me.. I left her “हिसाब बराबर”…

Now I have to come on point… Moto of this story is that today’s relationship is come and stay with me for short time then let me enjoy and enjoy you also…. But don’t think that we will be together in future…
She was with me… I was thinking that she is my “सपनों की रानी”……पर अब न सपना…

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