We R in Dream 

This heart-touching story of two innocent kids-




I love traveling. I have visited so many places in past 26 years and want to visit more and more as much I can. 

Last place where I have been,, was Mumbai

In journey of our life,, we met from so many people and in future going to.. 

some are good friends, some are stranger for you

We will love to go out with rich people always. Because everyone wants to grow up in their life and friendship with these  rich people will open a door of success according to us.. 

But,, we don’t know where we will get happiness

 If you have family, and you are earning enough, it means you are happy.  I was thinking like this before. But now my thinking has been changed

Just because of Pinki and Cheeku. They are beggers in Mumbai. They don’t know from where they came to Mumbai , both sleep in Hazi Ali Dargah or Mahalaxmi Temple. Age of both is around 5-6 year. 

Both are punctual and enough mature-it seems they are mature than me

Everyday they wake up at 5AM,, after that they will go to the Bandra signal, Mahalaxmi Temple, Gate way of India, Juhu, Chopati, , Will spread hand in front of rich people, , someone will give food, someone will give money and someone will use bad words… . 

But still they were happy. Sometime they will be able to have food, sometime will sleep without it

I was chasing to both on regular basis

Every night at 10’o clock they will come to Hazi Ali Dargah and after that Pinki will sleep in Dargah and Cheeku will go to Mahalaxmi Temple for the rest

I was surprised,, because if both are going together for any kind of work, , Then why sleeping place is different

 I was curious to know the reason. One day I met them and arranged food also,, when I asked my question then answer was like awesome one-

“Cheeku and Pinki said that we don’t know we are Hindu, Muslim, or from other religions …..

Before going to sleep we sit together and have conversation

Pinki said – Daily I am telling to Cheeku that we will not live together, one day something will happen with you or with me

Might be you will be in heaven and I will be here only without you , So at least for some time be away from me and listen Cheeku, , We will sleep at a time on different – different place and will see awesome dreams.. Where our parents will come they will play with us, we both will go to school and one day we both will be rich like other rich people.. 

Pinki also said – 

In morning Cheeku will share his dream with me and I will share mine,,, Anyhow in morning we will be together… 

And in Last she said – Stranger happiness is inside me I do not have to go anywhere to find this.. 

Ohhhh my goodness.. This answer is equal to Million Dollar.. 

Nimish Singh Parihar.. 


15 thoughts on “We R in Dream 

  1. This is sooo touching and deep…
    Thank you for sharing!!!!
    It is a life-lesson!!!!
    I ll visit Mumbai in October and insallah will meet them… ❤️❤️❤️
    May Almighty bless them…
    I’ll reblog this big lecture 🍀

    Liked by 2 people

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