Writer!! Why?? 

Most common questions asked via someone from writers!!!!

You are writer.. 

Is there any untold story behind this?? 

Your heart also has broken by someone??

Why you love to travel alone?? 

Have you defined any destination for you?? 

Why you are sharing stories of someone else ?? They are giving any amount for this??

Why?? Why?? Why??

I said stop it!!! 

We are writers because we can feel emotions of you and can convert them in a poetry… 
Yes, , 
 We are writers because you will not tell anything but we can read your mind!!!
Our heart is in pieces and we do not want to fix this!! Because every single piece can feel your single emotions, can create an imaginary life which you know as a story.
We love to travel alone because do not want to waste our time in conversation with you!! Because we already shared everything with you.. Let us go alone, will see different place, will have conversation with someone else.. He will share his pain in words and we will use our pen to type it!!!
We are having  destination.!!You and your untold story is our destination
We know you will not give any amount for this but your untold story will give a fame which will be priceless for us…

Nimish Singh Parihar 


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