Definition of ‘Sweetheart’ and ‘Relationship’-NSPGoStranger

Most common word now a days is – “Sweetheart

Today I met to my best friend  ‘Vinit Sharma ‘

He is a Software Engineer in Accenture (Bangalore) . He was looking tensed because something happened with him in past 3 days, I wanted to know reason but suddenly he started crying.

I forced him because in my life I never had seen him like this. He said I was happy because I was in relationship since past 5 years, her name is Ritika, she was my Sweetheart but she cheated me, she told me that I am not perfect for her and this relationship is a long distance relationship so it can’t be success and when I tried to find exact reason then found that she was in relationship with someone else.

Vinit said she is my “Sweetheart”,how she can do this.

Only one line I said and that was enough –

If heart is clean and really your partner is sweet by heart then only you can call him/her Sweetheart otherwise ‘No’..Because Sweetheart  stands for =’ Sweet +Heart “

Breakup is a part of our life it will tell you that something was wrong inside the relationship which we need to fix for next time.

Think positive..  negative thinking can destroy your life and your partner’s life as well.

Relationship =(Relation+Ship), 

Means relation which is in Ship,, you need to take care of ship otherwise you can fall down and after that you need to learn swimming also…. 



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