Colour Discrimination – NSPGoStranger 

Almost I have completed 26 years!!! It’s a good time to think about life partner,, As I am working as a Software Engineer!! 

I was roaming here and there for suggestions then one of my relative suggested me that you should make a matrimonial profile so that People who are interested will see my profile and accordingly they will try to get in touch with me,, 

I said Okay!!! ! 

But when I asked about matter, means what I need to mention there, , Then he replied,, Put all these things :-

***Colour :-Fair

***Hight :-6 feet

***Monthly Income :-50, 000

***Religion :-Hindu

***Health :- Perfect (Having Mescular Personalty) 

And Requirements should be :-

***Need a beautiful and well educated girl, who knows singing, can work at home as well in office if she is ready to work. 

***Family’s reputation should be good in society. 

***There should be no internal quarrels in family

Note :-Fair colour girl we will prefer first! !!!! 


What is this!!!!! 

Is it joke!!!!!! 

I was laughing continuesly@@@

When my relative asked the reason of my laughter… 

I said,,, I can’t do this man it’s better I’ll love to live alone and will die alone,,, but I can not make this…

Because it is like someone is trying to sell to himself in the market like Vegetables!! 

I am not eat-able thing!! 

It is like I am potato,,  because I have perfect shape, I was in a farm where my farmer was good, my colour is fair,  I am neat and clean because layer of mud is less as compared to others so everyone needs to prefer me first while my taste is like food Of Garvage

No… No…

I can’t make it!!!! Suppose :::

I  will get a married with a girl who is good looking, she is earning well, her family is reputed family in society, her colour is like Katrina Kaif… 

And whenever ,, I will have conversation first time she will show like no one is good as compared to her in this world ! ! But after couple of months if she will show her real colour then what I will do!!! 

She will say leave your parents because they are old now, we will buy a Bangallow and will be happy there alone ! ! 


So leave this colour complexion yar,,, might be a girl or boy who is black from colour is having a pure heart,, she or he will love you like you are the person only who matters for her or him!!!! 

Might be you are angry on her/him evertime but she/he will manage all these thing! ! 

Might be you will get happiness which you never felt with someone else in your life!!! 

Life Partner =He or She is a partner of your life!! 

Like a business,, where you will not see that your partner is black or white while you will see that you are in benefits if he or she is with you right ???? 

So,, life partner is black or white by colour nothing matters !!! Matters,,  you both need to share your ideas with each other like businessman do then implement if really you both are agree or leave it you can not make it!! 

Satisfaction should be goal of your life !! ! 

तलाश सिर्फ सुकून की होती है,

चाहे नाम रिशते का कुछ भी हो


8 thoughts on “Colour Discrimination – NSPGoStranger 

  1. Usually people judge a person by his /her complexion…….but as one line…. from ur writeup says…..purity of heart that matters not d colour of skin…….
    Amazing post !!!…..
    N wise thoughts 😊!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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