I’m Celebrity 

Hey,, Lovely Readers!!!!! 

I hope you all are doing well 😃😃

As you can see,,, today’s topic is “I’m Celebrity”


Because two days before I met to one Celebrity. He is Famous Actor, when I met him,,  I was jealous 😮😮 
My thought before meeting him was!! 

 how happy he is!!!

What a wonderful life he is carrying!!!

But after meeting thought has been changed,, While in movies he is hero but in normal life – 

He is a guy who is unsatisfied from his life!! He has everything,, money, fame, but something is hidden to which he is trying to find in shine of lights!! 

I started conversation with him.  

For now Suppose his Name is Nitin and I’m Nimish Singh Parihar as usual.

Meeting was in Taz Hotel Mumbai

I  met him at 2.30 pm. We took tea there, I was imitating some dialogues of his movies there!!! He said stop it man,, something is inside me which I want to share with you. 

Do not publish anywhere or share with anyone,,I was agreed 

Conversation was :-

Nitin :Seriously Nimish,, I m jealous from your life 

Me: What!!!! (Fully Surprised) are you kidding with me Nitin??

Nitin :No dude!! I’m serious before ‘Superstar Nitin’,,,,, I was Nitin only. I was joker in my group,who was entertaining to my friends by crazy dance, with new adventures always. There was no limitations for me!! I was free to fly!! There was no Camera behind me!! But now wherever I m going camera is following me like a shadow!! I want be look like ugly!!But I can’t because in this field my face is everything, my style is everything. 

My dad was farmer, there was money problem,So,  Graduation was very difficult task for me! ! 

Just like you only I decided,,  I will go to the City where I can fulfill my dreams so I came here, my hard work and luck gave chance and here I am in front of you as a Superstar

But just because of this life style,, there was no time that I could go to meet my family

My dad was suffering from disease and name of that disease was loneliness! ! ! 

But he never make me realized

But now he is no more he left me for forever!! Tell me dude where I can find him!!?? He is looking me but I m unable to! ! 😑😑😑

Just like you only – 

I want to eat street food,, 

I want to chill out with my friends, 

I want to spend time with my family not with the society, I want to go back where I can not go now!! For me those small pieces of happiness was full bucket. Now everyone is with me but still I’m alone!! 

इक कलाकार को कुछ इस तरह ढ़ाल देता है

गम के साये मंडराये भले ही सर उसके!!

पर न जाने कहाँ से खुशियों का पिटारा मेरे लिए खोल देता है

दर्द में करहाने को जब नजर अंदाज में करूँ

उस का दिल धड़क-कर न जाने कहाँ से उसे बोल देता है

समाज की फिक्र तो उसे न कल थी,,

मेरे चेहरे की भीनी यह खुशी उसका बल थी

उसका दर्द ,,बस हसी में यह टाल देता है,,

वो पिता ही है जो हमें इक कलाकार में ढाल देता है!!


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