Dream House :Story Behind the Success 

Lots of Love to all  “My Lovely Readers” 

Here I want to share something which I felt last week.

My nature is like a bird. I would not like to stay at one place.Last week I went to “Happadto have fun, It is such a nice place.

I stayed there for a week and had fun on “Hack”Beach. Visited so many lovely places.

But no one knows that in Happad there is a place in the middle of forest, which looks quite different from light of it.

I was at hotel, owner of the hotel stated that there is one old house in the middle of forest and name of that house is “Dream House” 

I said :  Can we go there??  but he refused and said that as per the law of Happad Government no one is allowed to go there, because it is restricted area.
Spirits of lovers are still there. Once you will go there then you won’t be able to come

I said :okay I won’t go. But can you please tell me the story of that place

He said okay I will tell you everything.

Around 220 years before this Happad was like a village no one wanted to visit here. Life which we were having was normal life.

There was one king. His name was “Hung Cheng” 

He decided that he will make a house in the middle of a forest and will pray of God to get rid from poverties.

He made such a beautiful house there and started worship.

As people says that after 2 years one girl came in his dream and said that she can fulfill all the Dreams of him. But she needs 15 couples who loves lot to each other. I will make this place as a heaven. Everyone will visit here and your name will be there in History.

When he asked what she will do with them.

She said :You have to call them here and arrange royal wedding for everyone

He said okay.

Same thing Emperor did. He arranged everything and stated that name of this house will be dream house

I said this is the nice one. What’s wrong in this???

But owner of the hotel replied that:

“Everything was going right but at the first night of couples something happened there! !

In morning some villagers visited that place and found that no one was alive as well as King.

After couple of weeks Happad started growing up. And now you can see that we are doing well.

No one knows what happens there that day. Many people tried to find the reason but they never came back from that place.

I tried to go that place but my mind replied if something will happen to me then who will look to my wife or parents? ??

I took my feet back and now what left a Story which I shared with you 😉😉😉


Nimish Singh Parihar 


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