Readers ( It’s you)

Readers word will make huge difference between ‘Writers & Readers’ ?

Yes ,

Mind will remember everything as a memory and heart will give a soft touch to this memory .

As, we can say that this memory is saved in our heart as a feelings (Bad or Good).

Nimish is Writer or Author right now because my heart said that why pain is inside you ? Can you please share it in front of the readers.

Then, I gave words to my pain and typed it!!!!!!!!

but still it was same inside me , I tried to find the reason .I asked questions from myself.

What happened Nimish? Now your pain has been converted in the words still you are unhappy.

Then one reader was inside me he replied-

Waoooo Nimish,, what a nice Story . You Wrote this? From where you got inspiration?

With a big Smile I replied –


This Inner voice gave answer of my questions.

Answer was ,,,

Pain is still same because you shared the pain,, but with whom ??? It seems with own-self. Can you please make some Lovely Readers so that they will give some nice suggestions or will inspire from your story or they will involve with you so that at-least for sometime only you will be far away from your pains.

Actually these posts are not having words only . We all faced something in our life and after that we decided there should be someone who can understand this.

I shared same in front of the “Politician” he was laughing continuously, reason was he was unable to understand, means share in front of them who are interested.

We made writing as a part of our life.

And huge Difference for this post that I am a “Writer” and you are “Reader”.


Thanks For Reading,

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